The Chicago White Sox record currently sits at 21-24, and they are in fourth place (5 games back) in the American League Central Division. At three games under .500, the White Sox still have some work to do before they can think about contending for a playoff spot. But, there is hope. While the Sox have gotten off to a slow start through the first 45 games, the next 32 games should present plenty of opportunities to add to the win column. Here’s a look at the next 32 games on the White Sox schedule:

May 24-26: 3 games vs. Miami Marlins (13-34)

May 27-28: 2 games vs. Chicago Cubs (18-28)

May 29-30: 2 games at Chicago Cubs (18-28)

May 31-June 2: 3 games at Oakland Athletics (25-23)

June 3-5: 3 games at Seattle Mariners (20-27)

June 6-9: 4 games vs. Oakland Athletics (25-23)

June 10-12: 3 games vs. Toronto Blue Jays (20-27)

June 14-17: 4 games at Houston Astros (14-33)

June 18-20: 3 games at Minnesota Twins (18-26)

June 21-23: 3 games at Kansas City Royals (21-23)

June 25-26: 2 games vs. New York Mets (17-27)

If you have been following along, the White Sox will be facing an opponent with a current losing record in nine of the next eleven series (25 of 32 games). The only team with a winning record that they will face is the Oakland A’s, which will be twice. In all, the combined winning percentage of White Sox opponents during this stretch sits at a dismal .401%. So, there is certainly a chance for the White Sox to make up some ground on the rest of the teams in the division, as well as the American League. Whether or not that will happen remains to be seen.

-Eric Tichelbaut

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